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BYOD - the problems; the possibilities

BYOD is causing headaches for organisations, but does it really need to? Here, Clive Longbottom talks to Computer Weekly's Editor in Chief, Bryan Glick about the subject ...

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6 minutes | 11/04/2014 | VIEW

Computer Weekly

Interview with James Walker, President of the CEF

The Cloud Ethernet Forum has been set up to try and drive interoperability between clouds using Ethernet topologies and standards. Here, Clive Longbottom questions James Walker on the future of the CEF and its aims. ...

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12 minutes | 10/10/2013 | VIEW


Windows XP - End of Life - Are you Ready

Extended support for Windows XP ends in April 2014. Just what does this mean to you and your organisation - and are there other reasons why you should be looking to move off Windows XP? ...

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75 minutes | 10/10/2013 | VIEW

IT Security Pro

The myth of "effective" spreadsheets for expense management

Many organisation still use basic spreadsheets to manage their travel and entertainment expenses. This can be dangerous - and CFOs and FDs should clamp down on usage. ...

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4 minutes | 10/09/2013 | VIEW


The Future of Secure File Sharing: Post PRISM Enterprise Tools

Edward Snowden's leakage of how governments work in trying to gain access to information has raised many eyebrows - but what should this mean to you and your organisation? ...

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60 minutes | 10/09/2013 | VIEW


The Business of the Future: Data Centre Optimisation

Data centres need to change to meet an organisation's needs, but consolidation based around virtualisation along with cloud computing introduces uncertainties in how investments should be made. ...

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10 minutes | 09/05/2013 | VIEW


The Business of the Future: Business Analytics

Business analytics and big data are areas of focus for many organisations. New vendors are threatening the incumbents, and organisations and their employees are driving new needs. ...

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8 minutes | 09/05/2013 | VIEW


Cloud Circle master class

Quocirca's Bob Tarzey recently participated in a Cloud Circle master class sponsored by Capgemini. Quocirca features in this video summarising the views expressed at the event. ...

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0 minutes | 22/04/2013 | VIEW


The rise of the cloud service broker

If the cloud is to deliver on its promise, it needs to be able to bring together functional components across the private and public cloud spaces. This may need specific skills - a group which can manage service catalogues and pull the functions together as required. This is the cloud service broker. ...

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55 minutes | 14/02/2013 | VIEW


The new network: flatter, faster. more manageable

Hierarchical networks are becoming a major constraint on how well new IT platforms, such as cloud, can operate. New network approaches based on software defined networks and OpenFlow provide a better foundation. ...

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37 minutes | 22/01/2013 | VIEW