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The Future of GreenGreen may have drop

Green may have dropped down the priotity list for 2010 as recessionary budgets become the norm. However, a lot of green activity is directly beneficial to the bottom line and can be carried out with immediate or very rapid pay back. ...

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Intelligent workload management

How to build, secure, manage and measure IT workloads in the age of cloud computing. Computing infrastructure today is highly versatile and this has many benefits for businesses. Unfortunately it also has downsides; use that infrastructure unintelligently and costs can get out of control. This is especially true as the use of both public and private cloud computing increases. ...

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10/12/2010 | Quocirca - intelligent workload management - Dec 2010.pdf | VIEW

The new virtual data centre

Virtualisation is being embraced increasingly for both technical and business reasons, yet problems still remain in many areas. This report looks at the various issues IT and facilities management come up against when moving towards a virtualised platform, and offers advice on approaches that will ensure an optimal outcome. ...

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Virtualisation & Cloud Integration Podcast

Steve Gold interviews Bob Tarzey Whilst it should now be clear to most IT professionals integrating cloud computing resources in with a virtualised IT system brings a number of positive benefits on the financial front, the process is not without its potential problems. ...

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The answer isn't always VDI

The concept of thin client computing goes back a long, long time. Essentially, the first computers, using green screen monitors, were carrying out all the business logic at the centre and using the monitors as a means of presenting the results to the user. As distributed computing took over and PCs proliferated, organisations soon saw that information was also becoming disseminated across a multitude of devices. Through the use of centralised stores masquerading as virtual local drives, this was brought back under some degree of control. ...

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It’s a virtual world – or is it?

As the massed hoards descend on Copenhagen for VMworld Europe, you could be forgiven for thinking that virtualisation of everything is a done deal, and that the arguments are now all about what can be done with an IT platform that has already been virtualised. Vendors are now offering management suites focusing on the virtualised estate, virtual desktop provisioning tools, advanced licence management systems and backup and restore offerings for dealing with the sprawl of virtualised data, it would seem that the argument as to which hypervisor should be used as a platform for virtualisation has gone away. ...

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Next Generation Datacentres Index - Cycle II

This second cycle of the next generation datacentre (NGD) research shows that there has been modest progress in how organisations are preparing for changes in how ITC is used to support their businesses. However, in a flat economy, any progress is welcome, and it is good to see that more organisations are preparing to invest in their datacentre facilities and are also making use of external facilities to provide greater flexibility. ...

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30/01/2012 | Oracle NGD report January 2012 final.pdf | VIEW

Where next for virtualisation?

Based on the media headlines, the activity from vendors and the advice from analysts, you’d be forgiven for thinking that virtualisation is a done deal. However, research that Quocirca carried out as two cycles of interviews for Oracle in February and November 2011 shows that this is not the case ...

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Citrix's mix of technologies could be a heady brew or a ball of confusion

A tale of two companies: Citrix the hypervisor vendor and Citrix the cloud platform. Can they speak as one? ...

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Next Generation Datacentre Cycle II – Cloud findings

For those who thought that cloud computing was now reaching mainstream usage, this new global research across large organisations may serve to reset views. Although there is a degree of positive movement in end user perceptions around how cloud can serve their organisations, there is still a high degree of scepticism and misunderstanding around the use of cloud, especially as a mission critical platform. ...

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27/04/2012 | Oracle NGD cloud report April 2012 final.pdf | VIEW

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