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Avoiding the shoebox - managing expenses in small and medium enterprises

The majority of SMEs still manage their expenses through that most ubiquitous of general devices - the spreadsheet. This leads to errors and in mispayment of claims - as well as in mispayment and reclaiming of taxes due on the expenses. This report looks at alternatives available in today's market. ...

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17/09/2010 | Concur SMB TE report final v1.0 EMEA.pdf | VIEW

Travel and entertainment expense management and GRC

Organisations are beset with the need to meet GRC criteria defined by internal and external policies. Failing to meet such criteria can result in business and legal impacts ranging from time wasted sorting out minor issues to major issues that can lead to financial penalties, brand damage and employee dissatisfaction. Although travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management is often seen as being of low importance in terms of overall governance, regulation and compliance, poorly managed T&E can lead to unforeseen issues that can have long term business impact. ...

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24/12/2010 | Concur GRC Nov 2010 EMEA final.pdf | VIEW

The myth of "effective" spreadsheets for expense management

Many organisation still use basic spreadsheets to manage their travel and entertainment expenses. This can be dangerous - and CFOs and FDs should clamp down on usage. ...

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