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The Future of GreenGreen may have drop

Green may have dropped down the priotity list for 2010 as recessionary budgets become the norm. However, a lot of green activity is directly beneficial to the bottom line and can be carried out with immediate or very rapid pay back. ...

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Effective public sector citizen communications

The UK public sector is in the midst of a period of transformation and improving citizen engagement will be key to the success of this change. The effectiveness of public services relies on reliable, accurate and clear citizen communication. The public sector produces millions of personalised citizen communications each year in the form of, for example, benefits statements, council tax bills and vehicle tax reminders as well as ad-hoc correspondence. Use of legacy outdated and disparate systems makes it almost impossible for central and local government to deliver consistent and accurate communication across printed and electronic channels and to cost-effectively deliver accessible or multilingual communications to meet the diversity of today's UK citizens. ...

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E-invoicing: Ready for Prime Time

How a managed service provides a cost-effective and efficient transition to electronic invoicing ...

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