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What's costing you dearly?

The insurance sector is often very conservative, perceived as slow moving, and operates with many long established business practices and processes. However, times move on, new business models emerge, and legacy processes become inefficient. Although IT has played an important role in supporting the industry over many years, it too needs to advance or will become inflexible. Insurance companies might be wasting thousands of sales hours per year from poor processes and badly implemented IT, which increases costs, stifles revenue growth and adds risk. However, IT advances need to go hand-in-hand with business process improvements to ensure that organisations gain the maximimum benefit of being more flexibile, agile and efficient.
Author/s: Rob Bamforth , Clive Longbottom
Created: 23/10/2013
Filename: What's costing you dearly - final2.pdf
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Tags: process   insurance   it   business  
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