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Quocirca Model

Quocirca's publishing model is simple: we create reports, articles and presentations that provide business insights into the impact of emerging, evolving and maturing technologies. These reports, commissioned by ITC vendors, are written from an independent viewpoint and are freely available to readers, the majority of who are IT spending decisions makers or influencers. 

Many Quocirca reports are based on primary research that has been commissioned to investigate the benefits and pitfalls of technology use by businesses. Quocirca also writes "white papers" that discuss particular aspects of IT:  for this Quocirca draws on its broad industry knowledge as well as existing primary research. Unlike many white papers, Quocirca’s are not written to highlight a particular vendor’s offerings, but to look at the issues that underlie IT investment, and how an organisation should be looking at where such technology fits within its needs. 
Quocirca always maintains its independence. Although Quocirca output is commissioned by vendors, Quocirca will not write and print something that it does not fully believe in.  Where an issue needs raising because Quocirca believes that it is important to the reader, it will be raised - and the commissioning vendor knows that the reader will respect them more for allowing the truth to be written.  The sponsors of Quocirca reports gain through showing though leadership and being associated with an independent viewpoint. They are also able to use Quocirca reports that help explain a specific technology to their customer and prospects in business terms and increase their brand exposure at the same time. This is furthered by the work Quocirca carries out to promote its reports through its media and portal partners.
The reader gains by not having to subscribe to a service.  Directly from Quocirca's site, or from one of its portal partners, the reader can take as many reports as they want - there will be no follow up sales calls or other contact.  There are no strings attached - just solid, independent advice on topics of the day where organisations may need to have some help in understanding what a technology move will mean to them.