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Value proposition

Quocirca's value proposition is simple.  Our analysts are not only leaders in their knowledge of technology areas, but they are also deeply insightful as to the needs of businesses and how technology impacts those needs. Through a combination of these insights, primary research into the perceptions that users have around technology, and a content publishing model that guarantees massive reach for co-branded reports and collateral, Quocirca offers a research and analysis service that is strongly differentiated in the market.

The overall Quocirca value proposition is as such:
  • World-class analysts with business acumen, who will speak their minds, and provide actionable strategic advice - not technology geeks
  • Highly focused, project-based work with clear deliverables and value - rather than retainers where it is more often down to the customer to ensure that they gain any value from the service
  • In-depth, native language, telephone-based research into the perceptions of users around emerging, evolving and maturing technologies - not web-based research with an inherent skew of results
  • Reports that concentrate on how technology impacts a business - not just reports on technology 
  • A broad-reach publishing model, where co-branded reports are given away free to the reader, leveraging a network of partner portal sites worldwide - not a “write and forget” model
  • Full media support included in all projects Quocirca undertakes - not a cost add on
  • Top-quality business-focused speakers for webinars, seminars and other events - not a technology list presentation
  • Strategic services, for example advising on product futures, market models, channel strategies, messaging, etc.
  • Lead generation services, from simple click-throughs to fully profiled and targeted sales opportunities
Quocirca’s portfolio of portal partners around the world means that Quocirca reports are freely available to anyone - independent of geography, of vertical, of size of organisation.  Unlike subscription models where only those who can afford the subscription get the information, Quocirca reaches out and encourages its reports to be shared wherever possible. Whether you are looking for greater brand recognition for your business, you want to be associated with a certain technology, or you want to be associated with thought leadership, the Quocirca model helps to ensure the maximum reach for you - to small, medium and large and public sector organisations around the world.
In partnership with its many portal partners, Quocirca can also help in lead generation, from providing click-through details, through to more profiled data to fully qualified leads gained through telephone-based profiling from our contact centre partners.
Also, at a more strategic level, Quocirca has helped large and small ITC organisations around the world to develop their technology road-maps and market messaging, educate their sales forces in what to expect in the market, optimise channel strategies, bring new business models to bear and partner with other technology companies.

An indicative list of Quocirca's customers can be seen here.