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Strategic Services

Quocirca does not just provide research, report, presentation and article services.  A great deal of Quocirca's work goes on behind closed doors, providing strategic advice and services to ITC vendors.

For example, Quocirca can help in creating or optimising marketing messages through workshops or discussion sessions. 

We can also help in providing sales forces in understanding the dynamics of the markets, in knowing the sorts of questions an end user may throw at them, and the best ways to deal with these questions. 

We can help in designing, optimising and introducing new business models, particularly as the market moves from licence plus maintenance models to subscription models.

We can help in identifying holes in a vendor's portfolio, and can introduce the vendor to other organisations that may be able to plug these holes, either through technology exchange, OEM deals or even through acquisition.

Quocirca's skills are broad as well as deep - our analysts enjoy helping ensure that vendors meet the needs of end user organisations, and will help where they can.