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Business Documents and Other Reports  
Quocirca writes reports based on the need to educate the markets on emerging, evolving or maturing technologies. Quocirca analysts create an independent document, looking at the questions a company should be asking as to whether a certain technology should be considered by them in the near, medium or long-term future. These documents, written in a manner which starts with the business rather than with the technology, are provided as co-branded reports with Quocirca's and the client's name and logo on the front page.
Reports can be based on two different starting points - a market analysis report, based on Quocirca's perceptional research model, or a business positioning document, based on Quocirca's direct analysis of the market trends and dynamics.  However, no matter where the starting point, Quocirca makes the reports freely available to anyone via its own web site, through an open distribution model for the commissioning vendor and through its media partners worldwide. The client has full rights to distribute the report in any language. 

The primary aim of these documents is not to persuade every reader that the technology being discussed is for them, but to provide the reader with the knowledge necessary to facilitate a more informed decision. This is beneficial to the vendor - it weeds out those prospects for who the technology would be unsuitable, while making the sales process less of an educational process for those who do require the technology, so lowering cost and time of sale. As the document is created completely independently, Quocirca can stand behind all the statements made, and can help with media work and customer/prospect follow through work in the form of road shows, round tables and seminars while still retaining such a position of independence.