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Perceptional Research

There is much research providing market sizing data or product comparisons, but Quocirca seeks to delve behind superficial data to understand the real reasons driving or preventing technology adoption.

This is done using telephone interview-based primary research that is designed to unearth the perceptions of decision makers, influencers and technology end users to understand their behaviour – Quocirca terms this ‘perceptional’ research.
Quocirca's research is aimed at finding out what users really think - and what this means to the vendor.  Quocirca cannot guarantee that the outcome of its research will always support a vendor's initial precept:  indeed, it can often be more important to be proved wrong than to be proved right.  In some cases, Quocirca research has prevented ITC vendors from going to market with a product or message that would not have resonated with the needs or perceptions of the prospective user base.
However, in the world of ITC, perception IS reality.  Quocirca can help to tease out misperceptions, misunderstandings and other problems through its perceptional research services.  Then, Quocirca can create a report that faces down many of these misperceptions and misunderstandings, in a manner where Quocirca can stand by these findings as a purely independent arbiter. 
Therefore, a Quocirca research report is very powerful - if an end user contacts Quocirca around a report, the analysts will be able to justify the findings and opinions in the report.  We are therefore not supporting the vendor per se, but we are ensuring that the reader associates the vendor with real, honest findings from their peers in the market.
Such perceptional research is not easy - on-line research only tends to gain the extremes of feeling: few people who lie in the middle areas of perception will bother filling in an on-line research survey.  All of Quocirca's strategic research is carried out via telephone-based surveys, using highly trained and intelligent agents who can easily work outside of any scripted survey and can explain questions and statements in multiple different ways.  Also, in the majority of cases, these interviews are carried out in native language, ensuring that nuances of the survey are not lost due to errors in understanding a second or third language.  Further, all surveys are piloted in advance, enabling any problems to be swiftly identified and ironed out before the mass survey is carried out.
Finally, all research findings undergo rigorous quality assurance.  All responses are checked to ensure that obvious errors are identified and the survey record checked and then corrected or expunged, and analysis of outliers and so on is also carried out.
Through this approach, Quocirca provides true in-depth strategic research and analysis, rather than just market research.