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Quocirca Services Overview  
Quocirca provides perceptional research and analytical services to technology vendors and their business partners, including resellers, systems integrators and communications service providers, in Europe and across the world. Our services are designed to offer our clients advice and support in understanding the needs of their customers, identifying the real and perceived pain points in their target markets, and developing highly effective messaging and marketing campaigns.  
Central to this is primary research. Quocirca looks to the perceptions that both line-of-business and technical decision makers or influencers have towards the use of existing and emerging technologies. Through this research and subsequent analysis, we present directly actionable advice to our customers, and produce influential reports which aim to inform end users about the contemporary issues. These reports are placed in the public domain at no cost to the reader to ensure they are widely available to be read or referenced and therefore create the broadest impact.

Quocirca's straightforward model, of upfront research funding, enables our output to be distributed and used by the widest audience, creating maximum value for our clients. Our branded reports are made freely available to all through our media relationships and our own website, along with our world-wide portal partners, in addition to our clients gaining full distribution rights to the reports.  This unique model and reach means that Quocirca reports end up on more end user desks than any other analyst output.

Quocirca's insights, gained through primary research and our in-depth knowledge of the IT and communications industries from our analysts' experience and frequent attendance at industry briefings, means that we are among the most widely quoted analysts in the European media, as measured by Apollo. We also contribute regular incisive articles on current issues in the market to the business and technology press.

For times when maximum impact is required, Quocirca can provide support in person, whether it is for internal training, partner and customer events, or working with the media. Quocirca analysts are excellent communicators and are available to run workshops, contribute at press roundtables, present at seminars and provide ad-hoc advice to our clients as well as engaging in primary research projects.