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Quocirca applies a range of methodologies when working on behalf of its clients.

Primary amongst these is the use of an iterative model.  Quocirca uses its Actionable, Reviewable, Iterative Advice (ARIA) model to ensure that the client is in control and informed at every stage, through the use of frequent, meaningful iterations of information and output.
Within the research model Quocirca applies a perceptional approach based on the perceptions of decision makers and influencers. This provides an insight into the reality behind what drives or impedes the market, rather than simply gauging its size or generating arbitrary future projections.  What we seek to discover is what those in the end user communities think about a technology - what opportunities do they believe it can offer to their organisation, what hurdles do they see as being in the way, is the technology of any real level of interest to them?
Within our work with vendors, Quocirca applies a range of methodologies. Within these, the Total Value Proposition (TVP) model,  allows vendors and users to work together to arrive at both a validity model for a technology implementation, as well as creating a set of business messages for the organisation to use in its decision making process.

The Hi-Lo future road map methodology allows a vendor to create a strategic path that enables a cohesive and coherent message to be presented to an end user, by ensuring that the vendor acknowledges the inherent variability of the markets, and also ensurings that the end user is moved forward by technology within certain constraints, neither falling behind the technology curve, nor pushing so hard so as to go down technology cul-de-sacs.