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Rob Bamforth

Rob Bamforth

Rob Bamforth is a Principal Analyst working with Quocirca Ltd, focusing on business communications, with particular emphasis on mobile, social, unified and machine to machine (Internet of Things) communications. His experience combines sales and marketing with an in-depth understanding of technology development and deployment.

Rob is regularly quoted in both technology and mainstream business media and is a regular contributor of analytical content to knowyourmobile,com, IT-Director.com and TechRepublic, and regularly blogs on Computing.  During his career, he has actively promoted the business benefits of emerging technologies such as the internet and Java, and has presented at innumerable industry events, as well as working closely with standards bodies.

He has written numerous articles and many reports encompassing the impact and management of mobile devices, the evolution of service providers, mobile email momentum, visual communications, VoIP and unified communications.  Rob also presents at conferences, contributes in video interviews and webinars and provides market analysis support as a strategic advisor to the Mobile Data Association.

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Latest analyst output:

TitlePublication Date
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Managing Apple in the enterprise 14/07/2014
Getting to grips with BYOD 02/05/2014
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TV, phone, tablet, watch - are we smart yet? 27/03/2014
BYOD - who carries the can? 09/03/2014
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Mobile security – there’s something in the air 03/03/2014
Video conferencing - now is the time? 11/02/2014
Vital ingredients in the Internet of Things bake off 02/02/2014
Do you need tablets in your workspace? 28/01/2014
Will wearable devices and M2M kill off the keyboard and ultimately the desktop? 06/01/2014
Socialising SCADA – let it SNoW 13/12/2013
Mobile, Social and Wearable 15/11/2013
IT in the insurance sector – obstacle or enabler? 01/11/2013
What's costing you dearly? 23/10/2013
The network is becoming software defined 18/10/2013
What's holding you back 30/09/2013
Smart mobile devices plus smart BI leads to smarter decisions 10/09/2013
Coverage and reliability at the wireless edge 04/09/2013
Mobile Mandelbrot – set in our ways? 22/08/2013
Communications. Unified yet? Why not? 15/08/2013
Shaken, not stirred - extracting business intelligence from the cocktail of mobile, devices and the cloud 31/07/2013
Mobile security BYO watershed - from SOAP to SUDS 30/06/2013
Buyer's guide: managing the mobile enterprise 20/05/2013
Mobile cost concerns - have they gone away? 08/04/2013
Desk-top-less - managing the flexible office 03/04/2013
Blurring the boundaries - Bring Your Own Cloud 26/03/2013
Managing the mobile enterprise - is it really that hard? 20/03/2013
BYOD - who carries the can? 11/03/2013
Mobile Expense Management 11/03/2013
Tele-shirking or Thought(less) Leadership? 28/02/2013
Don't confuse self-service with no service 01/02/2013
Smart self-service - a guide for buyers 14/01/2013
Keep Smart TVs simple, stupid 08/01/2013
The Mobile Opportunity 01/01/2013
Mobile Device Management - it's much more than just devices 17/12/2012
Sensory overload - M2M needs to smarten up 30/11/2012
Time for M2M to smarten up? 23/11/2012
Don’t cut customer service along with the budgets 02/11/2012
Decline of the desk, rise of the net 01/11/2012
Managing Tablets in the Enterprise 30/09/2012
Lugging too many devices? Time we revisited the personal network idea 05/09/2012
Can Microsoft’s aggressively priced Surface RT kill the iPad? 23/08/2012
Mobile working – shifting attitudes not hardware 01/08/2012
Is Nokia changing its marketing strategy such a good idea? 24/07/2012
Is it time for mobile operators to target IPADS? 19/07/2012
The best iPad Mini might turn out to be the new iPhone 18/07/2012
BYOD Strategy: Why it's not about devices 22/06/2012
What does iOS6 say about Apple’s plans for the future? 20/06/2012
Google, Motorola and the future of Android 28/05/2012
Why your phone isn’t quite ready for the post-PC era 09/05/2012
Mobile PBX integration - avoiding ‘tele-shirking’ 09/05/2012
Google vs Oracle: the history, court case, and why it's bad for innovation 23/04/2012
Smart phone, smarter service 17/04/2012
Customer support becomes a social service 13/04/2012
4G and you – do you need an LTE enabled device? 04/04/2012
Yammer Time – social media hip hops into the enterprise 03/04/2012
Video calling: why aren't more of us using it? 12/03/2012
Mobile data congestion: Four ways to tackle the coming capacity crunch 29/02/2012
Using a smartphone to track and access your carbon footprint 06/02/2012
Apple’s most serious threat is Amazon, not Android 19/01/2012
Mobile loss – easy to be careless 05/01/2012
We’ve converged and consumerised, now it’s time to coordinate 21/12/2011
Mobile payments – are you sure? 19/12/2011
Quiet please! Social media can be for business 21/11/2011
Community, connection, conversation or channel 16/11/2011
Cloud adoption – forget Moore & Metcalfe, think Murphy 11/11/2011
Computer aided or computer dependent? 02/09/2011
BYO iPads and iPhones invading your office? Here are the hidden costs 16/08/2011
Carrying the can - consumerisation and enterprise mobility 15/06/2011
Hello iPad, adieu desktop: Post-PC era - spin or fact? 01/06/2011
Business wi-fi coverage: How firms can plug the gaps 21/03/2011
Defining telepresence 21/03/2011
The impact of tablets on video conferencing 17/02/2011
Are traditional desktop tools - PC, laptop and fixed phones under threat from mobile substitution? 11/02/2011
Consumerisation of enterprise mobile devices – is it safe? 04/02/2011
Smartphones - the mobile management headache 28/01/2011
Does M2M need to make new friends? 27/01/2011
Casting a light on meaningful mobility 11/01/2011
Avoiding common password perils 17/12/2010
Fibre rates – is it time to repeal the 21st Century Window tax? 14/12/2010
Mobile ‘bill of rights’ or ‘mobile bill’ of wrongs? 13/12/2010
Like, Tweet, Friend and Spend 22/11/2010
Unified Communications and social networking - a match made in heaven or just good friends? 15/10/2010
Computer Weekly - Buyer's Guide to mobile computing 04/10/2010
Taming the mobile tiger 29/09/2010
Does innovation happen in the centre or at the edge? 27/09/2010
Straight Talking - Social media and email: stop the banal, irksome, trivial and stupid intrusions 20/09/2010
Telecoms re-invention–death of the traditional telco 06/07/2010
Be prepared to be flexible 03/06/2010
No channel is an island: Why consistency is key to customer service 07/04/2010
Valuable Business Connections - A review of SMB communications needs 12/03/2010
Telecoms reinvention—optimising the online customer experience 02/03/2010
Finding MeMo2 (Memorable Mobile applications) 18/02/2010
Mobile application momentum 08/02/2010
Straight Talking - Unified comms - can it really make you more productive? 03/02/2010
Apple iPad for enterprise? 29/01/2010
How to avoid the hidden costs of running a business 19/01/2010
Downturn dodging - New Year resolutions to address telecoms costs 17/12/2009
Innovative mobile applications – what keeps the momentum going? 08/12/2009
Plenty of life ahead for RFID and NFC 04/12/2009
The digital home – beyond connectivity 12/11/2009
IT in lifesaving environments 28/10/2009
Who cares wins 05/10/2009
“Digital Britain” – opportunities and risks for UK businesses 01/10/2009
Telecoms companies’ re-invention – from voice to e-service provision 15/09/2009
Setting mobile strategy 20/08/2009
The informed traveller 28/07/2009
The informed traveller 09/07/2009
Finding MeMo (Memorable Mobile applications) 02/07/2009
Enterprise mobility - setting strategy 23/06/2009
Device suitability - just how much of your body does your mobile device demand? 17/06/2009
Is the IP revolution still on track? 09/06/2009
Sell something simple 06/05/2009
From body shop to mind shop 06/05/2009
Is messaging immortal? 24/04/2009
Positive thinking, not wishful thinking 22/04/2009
Beating IT recession blues 15/04/2009
Task 1: Adopt simple but effective process - "tick" 09/04/2009
Light touch, firm impression 06/04/2009
Who dares, who wins? 27/03/2009
Fixed Mobile Unified Communications (FMUC) - business benefit or telecoms nerdvana? 13/03/2009
Thinking outside of the paddling pool 16/02/2009
One bad Apple or the whole barrel? 18/12/2008
More waves breaking for mobile email? 16/12/2008
Mobility - waving not drowning in 2009 09/12/2008
Soaring across the regions - a view of the impact of the internet on business 26/11/2008
Exploit existing communities before trying to create new ones 24/11/2008
Small networks, big prizes 12/11/2008
Crisis management or clever thinking? 01/11/2008
What next for mobile email? 16/10/2008
Superhighway at the crossroads - the evolution of internet service provision 25/09/2008
Keep talking, not spending - ten tips for effective and efficient use of telecoms 08/08/2008
Switch from oil to silicon - digitise through the downturn 01/08/2008
iPhone, YouTube, we manage 23/07/2008
Mind the gap - mobile coverage issues and the SMB 14/07/2008
Loud and clear - SMBs get the message about unified mobile communications 26/06/2008
Who really gains from iPhone - Apple, BlackBerry or Microsoft? 16/06/2008
Are SMBs getting enough? 12/06/2008
Why are CFOs giving away company profits? 04/06/2008
Soaring not surfing - small and medium businesses make the connection 29/05/2008
Don't throw the telecoms baby out with the cost centre bath water 09/05/2008
Outrunning the bear - cutting costs not corners 18/04/2008
Communications - Unify or Die 15/04/2008
Total telecoms expense management - looking beyond cost cutting to gain greater value 11/04/2008
Terminal decline at Heathrow - failing IT or management failing? 02/04/2008
The spread of email reliance and the BlackBerry jam 22/02/2008
Data leakage - prevention or cure? 08/01/2008
The evolution of the mobile phone 19/12/2007
M2M - the rise and rise of the mobile machines 14/12/2007
Managing information mobility 12/11/2007
Web 2.0 - a re-hash or a revolution? 18/10/2007
Plugging and avoiding data leakage 15/10/2007
Fixed / mobile convergence - who will be Lord of the Rings? 28/09/2007
Apple's iPhone - why the price is not always right 28/09/2007
What value are mobile operators in an enterprise world focused on cost? 26/09/2007
Records Management Quality 24/09/2007
Work/life balance 2.0 - the merging of the consumer and the employee 24/08/2007
Never mind the quality - feel the (band)width 23/08/2007
Wikis - open for all, or open to abuse? 23/08/2007
Bursting the mobile productivity bubble 14/08/2007
Convergence or confusion? 02/08/2007
Silicon offset and the green debate 25/07/2007
Records management - who does what, and why? 25/07/2007
Survival of the slackest 04/07/2007
Effective records management policy 04/07/2007
Communication overload - 9 ways to go on hold 05/04/2007
Visual impact - the emerging face of business collaboration 11/03/2007
Mobile commerce - near field or far, far away? 07/03/2007
Productivity and individual commitment 07/03/2007
Managing 21st century networks 23/01/2007
Distraction and diversion 19/01/2007
Mobile internet reality 11/01/2007
Reach, relevance and relationship 11/12/2006
Commitment to Mobile Security 13/11/2006
Should I pay or should I go? 18/08/2006
Are you a windscreen or a fly? 18/08/2006
Mobile IT - commodity or value add? 02/08/2006
Integrating the Digital Home 07/07/2006
Citywide WiFi 25/05/2006
Searching for Mobile Search 13/04/2006
RFID: What can it do for the Business 13/03/2006
Defining Value 01/02/2006
Mobile security and responsibility 01/02/2006
The Work/Life Balancing Act 19/01/2006
Ring in The New Year 10/01/2006
Measuring the value of mobile investment 25/10/2005
Do mobile technologies offer better business performance or a security hole? 15/10/2005
The impact of mobile technology on the working environment 10/10/2005
The evolving deployment of wireless remote access technology 01/10/2005
Reaching the wireless data tipping point 01/07/2005
Mobile devices and users 01/06/2005
Mobile email momentum 01/05/2005
Beyond the bit pipe 01/03/2005